Strategic Vision Names 2013 Hyundai Genesis as Best Near-Luxury Car in Annual TQI

At the core of Hyundai's brand identity in conjunction with its stylish, fun-to-drive models is customer satisfaction. And, we aren't just talking about the happy St. Catharines, ON customers who drive in and out of Performance Hyundai on a regular basis, but the official results of Strategic Vision's 2013 Total Quality Index or TQI

Specifically, that amidst the Acuras, Lincolns, Volvos and Caddies reviewed by real-life owners of the respective autos, the 2013 Hyundai Genesis sedan reigned supreme coming through as the top near-luxury car in said category. What's more, Hyundai Motor Corporation, as a whole tied for third place with auto giant, GM, for the Best Total Quality for an Individual brand.

"Hyundai continues to be an industry-leader in terms of overall quality and satisfaction," says Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision. "The only thing that keeps the Hyundai Genesis from competing in the luxury category is its price point. The car's ability to rub shoulders with its more expensive European rivals really shows the depth of Hyundai's product lineup, and serves as an example for foreign and domestic brands alike"1

So, you're saying the Genesis can compete with the luxury brand big shots and is offered a lower price point?

In our opinions the 2013 Hyundai Genesis can't be beat, and we think you'll agree if you give the new model a try. To do just that, Performance Hyundai invites you to visit our new and used car dealership, at your convenience.

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